A guide to goosing up the kitchen

Our mission is to shake up the home-cooking world, and to guide you along the way.

Who says a home chef can’t make food as good as a commercial one? Frustrated with professional snobbery when it comes to cooking, we decided to take what we learned over decades in the commercial spice business at Red Goose Spice Company and use it to help everyday cooks expand their repertoires.

Our favorite words: small, vibrant, fresh

We use the same sources of ingredients from all over the world as we do for our commercial customers. We order in small, carefully curated batches to ensure vibrant flavor. We reject sub-standard products. And we blend in manageable batches to guarantee freshness for a full year from the date of purchase.

Our team

Just about everyone at Savvy Goose has a background in the culinary industry. Our staff includes line cooks, sous chefs, pastry chefs, front of the house employees, culinary students, culinary instructors, and more! The passion for taste and quality runs deep here. You'll notice the difference with every variety you sample.

Our team

Dan Lowry

In addition to serving as president of Red Goose Spice Company, Dan is also on the faculty of Macomb County Community College, where he mentors aspiring professionals with a passion for cooking and for careers in the food service industry. His classes have included Menu Planning, Culinary Skill Development, and Catering.

Paul Tsvetkoff

Paul’s love affair with cooking began during his sophomore year of high school, leading him to work a number of different restaurant positions through his graduation from Oakland University with a secondary school teaching degree. He accepted a position as account manager with Red Goose Spice Company in 2013, working his way up through sales, purchasing and operations. Paul is currently the GM of Red Goose and a founding partner of Savvy Goose Foods.

Lauren Wellman

Growing up with parents who loved to cook, Lauren Wellman followed her own passion to a career in the food industry. She earned her BA from Wayne State University, a Culinary Arts degree from Macomb Community College, and began her career cooking at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. In 2015, Lauren joined Red Goose Spice Company where she currently serves as account manager. She is a cofounder and partner in Savvy Goose Foods.