Discover Exciting Flavors And Explore New Possibilities For Home‑kitchen Cooking

What a goose knows that most people don’t is what he’s having for dinner. Savvy Goose can’t pick your dinner, but the chefs behind him can help make it taste very good! Our nest full of seasonings and blends will cover just about every protein, vegetable, or starch you can purchase.


Blended By Professional Chefs For Home Cooks Like You

We work in restaurants, teach in culinary institutions, and run a successful commercial spice business. So we like to think we’ve got a pretty good idea what wakes up a taste bud.

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Made From The Best Ingredients On Earth

It’s not just the way we put spices, herbs and other ingredients together that makes Savvy Goose blends so special. It’s how we curate ingredients from all over the world, choosing the most vibrant and freshest items, often from small suppliers overlooked by big name brands. Our products are free of preservatives and common allergens. And they’re guaranteed fresh for a full year from date of purchase.

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Come Fly With Us

Send your appetite on a trip with a Flight of Three selected blends. Reserve a Flight for yourself or let us ship one to a special friend. (It’s a great way to sample at a discount.) Pick your own combination or grab one of our suggested sets!

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Guiding Your Adventure

Because our blends are so different, we’ve posted special recipes for all of them. Check them out and send us your own ideas. If your recipes are good enough for the goose, we’ll post them with full credit and give you a 25% discount on your next shaker or Flight of Three!

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Watch the magic unfold

Reading a recipe may make your stomach grumble, but watching the ingredients come together to create nothing short of art will have you inspired. See our videos for recipes, ideas, and tips that can take your cooking and baking to a whole new level and add a little more spice to your life.

Love our recipes? Watch them being made here!

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