What’s Good for the Goose, Is Good for Your Grill! 3 NEW Grilling Seasonings Take Flight!

As warm and welcome as a sunny summer’s day, grilling season is here!

Here at Savvy Goose, we’re just as excited because some of our most popular seasoning blends are being joined by 3 NEW blends and ready to flap their wings and take off for another season of gilling adventure.

And we say adventure for a good reason because we’ve listened to so many of you who, year after year complain by September that you grilled the same stuff, with the same seasonings and same sauces year after year because, well?

…that’s just what we all seem to do?

By August, you’re so bored with the same o same o that you find yourself checking out the food magazines at the grocery store check-out stand, and late at night, peaking in at the Food Channel just searching for something, ANYTHING, that’s better or different, than what you’ve always done and what you’ve always tasted, year after year.

Most importantly, it has to really whet your appetite. Not just be different, but be mouth wateringly and deliciously different!

Something that you know you’ll LOVE, even before you taste it.

Where can you go. Who can you lean on, to give you that EXTRA, special taste that you’ll enjoy SO much, that it will haunt you until the next time you fire up the grill?


And the best ones know their business.

They don’t just have to please their family.

They have to please EVERYONE.

At Savvy Goose, our leader, Chef Dan Lowry, not only knows food, he knows people. Classically trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, owner of his own renowned restaurant and culinary educator, Dan is the seasoning expert behind Savvy Goose’s amazing seasoning blends.

The Savvy Goose’s phrase: BLENDED BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS FOR HOME COOKS LIKE YOU! Isn’t just some Madison Avenue “copy”. It’s real life at Savvy Goose.

Want the taste of a signature Grilled Steak, Breast of Chicken, Succulent Pork Chop or Fish without the expensive check that goes with it?

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll even hold your beer.

Speaking of beer, just in time for THIS year’s grilling and barbecuing season, we’re introducing 3 NEW exciting blends just recently released from the Savvy Goose Spice Lab.

SMOKED GRILLING SEASONING: Great on red meats, burgers and steaks.

NASHVILLE HOT SEASONING: Given your chicken a kickin’ with this Southern spicy favorite. Great on wings too!

BBQ SWEET, HOT, & SMOKY: A diverse BBQ blend that you’ll love on burgers, steaks, pork, and could even be applied to fish, potatoes, or veggies!

These 3 NEW Savvy Goose Seasoning Blends join the list of other outstanding blends for to you to enjoy all throughout  this summer’s grilling season.

That said, here’s a half-dozen other unique Savvy Goose blends we’d like to recommend, each designed with grilling in mind.

CAJUN VOODOO  This blend of fresh spices including: Paprika, Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Onion, Chili Pepper, Spices, casts a hypnotic spell on any grilled meats or vegetables.

MEDITERRANEAN SPICED SEA SALT  Especially wonderful on grilled fish and chicken, this seasoning salt blended with: Dehydrated Garlic, Spices, Sugar, Dehydrated Lemon, Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper and Crushed Red Pepper can be used before, during or after grilling.

PITMASTER RUB  Seal in ALL the flavor of your favorite pork or beef barbecues with the Chefs’ “house recipe” for this mildly spiced blend that loves it low and slow in your smoker or grill.

MEMPHIS DUST   Sprinkle this magical barbecue blend on pork, wings or ribs for a truly delicious taste experience.  Also fabulous as a pre-barbecued, caramelizing rub.

JOYFUL CHICKEN  The name says it all. Specially formulated to make poultry smile with any cooking style. You’ll taste hints of: Citrus, Garlic, and Bell Pepper combined with a remarkable spice blend. Great on fish as well!


Great meat deserves this house-secret mix of salt, spices and herbs. With a hint of sweetness, use it to season your best steaks or as a caramelizing rub.

Discover the exciting flavors and explore this year’s NEW seasoning possibilities for your home-kitchen and grill this year.

This is no ORDINARY Goose.